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Cutting Tools including Carbide Cutting Tools, Honing Stones, End Mills, Twist Drills, Super Abrasives and Diamond Tools in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas

Reeves and Associates Industrial Equipment & Supply Co.
Cutting Tools and Abrasives

Reeves and Associates offers and supplies equipment for the Oil and Gas Industry, Aerospace, Medical, Automotive and Military

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- Cutting Tools and Abrasives
Arntz, Bates Technology, Besly, Bullard Abrasives, CMT Orange, Guhring, Iscar, Kennemetal, Keo Cutters, Monster Tool, Northland Drill, Radiac Abrasives, RMT/Rocky Mountain Twist, SCT, Sgs, Sidley, Sowa, Superior Abrasives, Sumitomo, Tennessee Abrasives, Triumph Twist & Drill, Widell, Yamawa

Bates Honing Specialst
Reeves and Associates carries Sumitomo Products /

CMT Orange Tolols
Reeves and Associates carries Guhring Products /
Northland Drill locatated at Reeves and Associates
Scientific Cutting Tools
Monster Tools
Reeves and Associates represents Tennessee Abrasives
Triumph Twist Drill located at Reeves and Associates
YMW Taps USA products are located at Reeves and Associates

Specific Categories of Interest include;
Gages | Cutting Tools and Abrasives | Machine Tools | Fabrication Equipment | Coatings | Work Holding | Specialty Products | Wire Fabrication

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